Top 10 Trending Makeup Looks for 2020

From Instagram brows to contouring to unicorn highlighters, the last decade saw makeup trends of all kinds. But now it’s a new decade which begs the question: what’s hot in 2020?

Color blocking, dewy skin and floating eyeliner are just some of the hit makeup trends for 2020 you’ll see on Instagram and on runways. Here are some more. Makeup lovers, take note.

1.       Color Blocking 

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In 2020, you don’t need to choose between the lip and the eye. You can do both! Color blocking lets you experiment with bold lips, neon eyeliner and smokey eyes all at once. Your 2020 will look fun and fabulous with a little bit of color!

2. Blurred lips

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The blurred lips trend blurs out bold lip colors so that they are more muted for everyday wear. All you need to do is apply the color and then spread it out. So get that scarlet gloss out and wear it loud and proud!

3. Wet shine

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Speaking of glosses, lip gloss and wet shine finish are major makeup trends for 2020 makeup. Glittery, wet finishes were seen on runway looks all around in 2019 and the trend’s still going strong! The gloss trend is ideal for the dewy makeup look which is another hot trend.

4. Dewy skin

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The dewy skin trend is still going strong with light foundation coverage to achieve that all-coveted ‘glass’ skin type. So throw away your powder foundations this year and get a nice hydrating alternative like the Bourjois Healthy Mix BB cream.

5. Euphoria

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Inspired by the hit HBO show Euphoria, glitter and crystals were glam staples in 2019. The trend has continued in 2020. The look is easy to achieve—all you need is glitter eye makeup and stick-on crystals and you will look fabulous.

6. Pre-highlighting

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Ever wonder how models get that highlight popping? Makeup artist Nikki DeRoast suggests a great 2020 makeup trend–pre-highlighting. To pre-highlight, you use a liquid highlighter before the foundation and it’ll seem like your skin itself is glowing.

7. Feathered brows

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The Instagram brows are no-more, 2020 is the time for feathered and fluffy brows. To achieve this look, all you need to do is draw onto and accentuate your natural brow hair.

8. Inner accents

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A new trend pairs neutral foundations with pops of neon accents in the inner corners of the eyelids. Just a dab of pink or yellow and you’ll be fit for a runway. Play with accents this 2020 and slay both bold and neutral looks in 2020.

9. Draped blush

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The draped blush is an 80s-inspired makeup technique. Here light eye-shadow and blush contour and sculpt your eyes and cheekbones. You can even go for bold blushes for the blown-out blush trend.

10. Negative spaces

Floating eyeliners and negative spaces in eye shadows are both very hot trends right now. The

trend is about experimentation, using color and shapes to create unique, futuristic looks. So ditch the cat-eye this year and contour your lids.

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